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Logic Progress Electric Log Effect – Discontinued, limited parts available


Ref. Product Code   Description Price (inc VAT) Quantity  
1 EL0515 Flame Effect Fan In Stock £63.50
2 EL0512 PCB Unit In Stock £56.26
3 GZ9430 Screen Assembly In Stock £72.76
4 Frame Assembly  This part cannot be ordered via this website. Please contact your nearest retailer.
5 PR1280 Installation & User Instructions In Stock £7.80
6+7 EL0491 Electric Handset & Battery
Remote Control Handset Battery CR2032
In Stock £25.75
7 N/A
Se part 6
 This part is not serviceable and cannot be ordered as a spare.
8 PL0119 Log Fuel Effect - Logic Available to Order £24.50
9 EL0511 Fuel Effect LED Board In Stock £16.56
10 EL0513 Flame Effect LED Board In Stock £34.15

Drawing: 201-809

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510 x 609 x 163mm (w x h x d)

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