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Potential Disruption to Order Processing and Despatches between 14th April and the 31st May

As we move to new premises, there may be delays with processing and despatch of spares orders. We will do our utmost to limit the impact on despatches whilst we relocate.

  • There is a 4-6 week lead time on any new orders for Assemblies or Kits that are manufactured by Stovax and Gazco
  • We will not be despatching any spares orders between the 5th May 2023 and 22nd May 2023

We understand the inconvenience this may cause, and apologise for these unavoidable disruptions in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

eReflex/Skope Outset 55W (210-088)


Ref. Product Code   Description Price (inc VAT) Quantity  
1 CE2000 £40.00
2 CE2001 Display Screen £69.00
3 PL0218 Flame Effect Screen £11.50
4 CE2002 Side Panel £34.50
5 EL0778 Power Unit £131.00
6 EL0712 Heater Unit £178.00
7 PL0222 Fuel Bed £9.95
8 EL0775 Flame Effect Spindle £22.00
9 EL0773 Fuel Effect Spindle £17.95
10 EL0713 Spindle Motor
2 units required
11 EL0714 Power Cable £25.25
12 EL0678 Remote Handset £82.25
13 EL0777 Flame Effect LED Board £109.00
14 N/A
Used on Skope 110W
 This part is not serviceable and cannot be ordered as a spare.
15 EL0726 Fuel Bed LED Board
2 units required
16 EL0716 Downlight LED Board £23.26
17 CE2014 Log Set £119.00
17 CE2022 Pebble & Ember Set £44.75
17 CE2030 Crushed Glass & Ice Set £129.00

Drawing: 210-088

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