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Radiance 85R


Ref. Product Code   Description Price (inc VAT) Quantity  
1 EL0631 Infra Red Receiver PCB £6.95
2 EL0632 Motor with Connecting Plug £27.50
3 PL0174 Effects Spindle £44.50
4 EL0637 Power Unit (PCB & Manual Controls) £149.00
5 EL0636 Heater Unit (Fan Element & Cables) £154.00
6 EL0622 LED Board - Fuel Bed £22.50
7 EL0639 Effect LED Board £31.25
8 CE1512 Glass Panel £165.00
9 PL0170 Main Front Effects Screen £27.25
10 EL0620 LED - Effect Board £29.50
11 EL0552 Power Cable and Plug £31.68
12 EL0619 Remote Handset  This part is now obsolete and can no longer be ordered as a spare.
13 CE1516 White and Clear Resin Stones £94.25
14 EL0062 Handset Battery Pack £1.66

Drawing: 219-148

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912 x 496 x 196mm (w x h x d)

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