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Studio 2 Electric – Discontinued, limited parts available


Ref. Product Code   Description Price (inc VAT) Quantity  
1 PL0122 Printed Front Screen  This part is now obsolete and can no longer be ordered as a spare.
2 PL0123 Rear Diffuser Screen £209.00
3 EL0518 Top Heater Element £46.25
4 EL0520 Light Effect LED (Common)
4 in total
6 EL0741 Main PCB Unit £79.50
7 EL0735 Receiver £30.00
8 EL0552 Power Cable and Plug £31.68
9 EL0062 Handset Battery Pack
x2 required
10 EL0679 Remote Handset £78.00
11 EL0519 Fan Assembly
Fits Center and Left Hand Side
12 EL0527 Fan Assembly - Right Hand £139.00
14 CE0983 White Chippings £8.64

Drawing: 223-837

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