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eReflex/Skope Outset 75W (210-094)


Ref. Product Code   Description Price (inc VAT) Quantity  
1 CE2003 Front Glass Panel Available to Order £70.00
2 CE2004 Display Screen Available to Order £119.00
3 PL0219 Flame Effect Screen Available to Order £16.50
4 CE2005 Side Panel Available to Order £50.00
5 EL0778 Power Unit In Stock £131.00
6 EL0712 Heater Unit In Stock £178.00
7 PL0223 Fuel Bed Available to Order £12.50
8 EL0776 Flame Effect Spindle Available to Order £35.26
9 EL0774 Fuel Effect Spindle Available to Order £30.00
10 EL0713 Spindle Motor
2 units required
In Stock £52.00
11 EL0714 Power Cable In Stock £25.25
12 EL0678 Remote Handset In Stock £82.25
13 EL0723 Flame Effect LED Board In Stock £109.00
14 N/A
Used on Skope 110W
 This part is not serviceable and cannot be ordered as a spare.
15 EL0724 eReflex/Onyx Fusion Fuel Bed LED Board 3
4 units required
Available to Order £15.95
16 EL0717 Downlight LED Board
2 units required
In Stock £17.56
17 CE2015 Log Set In Stock £125.00
17 CE2023 Pebble & Ember Set In Stock £51.50
17 CE2031 Crushed Glass & Ice Set In Stock £114.00

Drawing: 210-094

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804 x 969 x 306mm (w x h x d)

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