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Vision Midi Eco Electric


Ref. Product Code   Description Price (inc VAT) Quantity  
1 CE1426 Printed Glass Panel £10.70
2 CE2085 Midi Electric Led Display Screen £45.00
3 PL0233 Midi Elec Led Flame Display Screen £19.85
4 GZ15919 Midi Electric Led Side Panel LH £30.50
5 GZ15920 Midi Electric Led Side Panel RH £30.76
6 EL0746 PCB Unit £70.00
7 EL0497 Heater Assembly £62.26
8 PL0236 Midi Elec Led Fuel Bed £13.30
9 EL0841 Midi Electric Led Flame Effect Spindle £13.96
10 EL0844 Med / Midi Elec Led Fuel Effect Spindle £16.45
11 EL0713 Spindle Motor
2 units required per stove
12 EL0714 Power Cable £25.25
13 EL0678 Remote Handset £82.25
14 EL0750 Flame Effect LED Board 1 £40.75
15 EL0846 Midi Electric Fuel Effect Led Board £12.10
16 EL0752 Downlight LED Board 1 £6.95
17a CE2038 Log Set £64.50
17b CE2039 Pebble and Ember Set £22.00
17c CE2040 Crushed Glass and Ice Set £63.25
18 EL0735 Receiver £30.00
19 EL0895 Button Board £6.65

Drawing: PR2972

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